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As datas-chave do novo IRS Dezembro, Janeiro, Fevereiro, Março e Maio são datas a ter em conta para garantir que não se perde no novo IRS. Até 31 de Dezembro Os contribuintes têm de garantir que têm facturas com despesas gerais (roupa, calçado, mercearia, telefone, água, luz e tudo o mais que não caia nas […]

IRS e-factura

IRS e-fatura general costs. Already updated the e-bill today? If entered into the spirit of asking for invoices to the number of contributors, even because of a cafe, do not give the effort lost. Check your invoices and enhances the tax benefit. Do not keep it to the IRS delivery period, either on paper or […]

Transformation of OTOC in order Accountants Certified

It was published in the DR no 174 ?? 1st Series Law No. 139/2015, of 07/09, which turns the Order of Chartered Accountants in order Accountants Certificates, and changes the respective Statutes, approved by Decree-Law No. 452/99, of November 5, in accordance with Law No. 2/2013 of 10 January, establishing the legal framework for the […]

IMI rate decrease

IMI rate decrease for building intended for permanent residence, depending on the number of dependents that make up the household of the taxpayer.    View PDF

Amendment to Decree No. 25-2009

It was published in the DR no 78 ?? 1st Series the Regulatory Decree 4/2015, of 22/04, making the fourth amendment to Decree No. 25-2009 of 14 September, the arrangements depreciation and amortization for tax purposes the income of legal persons.    View PDF